Meet Tally

  • Tally the Cat, a fluffy multi-colored cat

    Tally is the best cat ever. Don't believe any cat who claims otherwise.

  • Tally staring thoughtfully through a window above a sign promising free info on Renters Rights at an event on November 15

    Tally has known life on the streets, and she wouldn't wish that fate on anyone else. She is a strong proponent of renters' rights and an advocate for affordable housing.

  • Tally sticking her face out of a box

    Believe it or not, Tally is in this picture! She is great at hide & seek.

  • Tally with her hind quarters on one level of a cat tree, and her front paws on the top level

    Tally is a master mountaineer.

  • Tally staring at the camera, laying on a beanbag looking very chill

    Tally would like to know if maybe you wanna come over and watch a movie, you know, just chill?

  • Tally reaching a paw out to caress the humidier

    Tally has a best friend, and its name is The Humidifier.

  • Tally laying on the ground right next to the humidifier, looking up at a puff of water

    You thought I was kidding about the humidifier, didn't you?

  • Tally sitting on a narrow shelf surrounded by beauty products that are about to fall off the shelf

    Tally can find a comfy seat in basically any situation.

  • A smiling woman holding Tally

    Tally loves hugs, especially when her human is on a video call for work. Tally and her human are best friends (though secretly, Tally prefers the humidifier).